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Comfort Anti Chafe Balm 25ml

€ 14,00 Incl. BTW

Prevent chafing and irritation from bra, breast prosthetics and lingerie

Comfort Anti Chafe Balm effectively protect your skin from redness, irritated skin and chafing caused by lingerie and in intimate areas such as the groin. The stick consists of a unique composition of fatty acids that work in the various layers of the skin to reduce friction. Contains Allantoin, long known for its soothing effect that reduce redness and calm irritated skin.

Instant protection and water resistant

Apply a thin layer directly to the skin to prevent friction damage where it usually occur. The product will be swiftly absorbed without clogging the pores. Your skin will breathe and sweat as usual. Your skin is protected directly after application. Comfort moisturize the skin and is water resistant. Withstand moisture and sweat, even during exercise.

Anti chafing for the whole body

Common problem areas where Comfort Anti Chafe Balm protect you: Counteracts chafing from bras, all around the bust and on the shoulders, prevents irritation and redness caused by lingerie and underpants in the goin area, prevents chafing around the balls and reduces redness and irritated skin after shaving or waxing your intimate parts.

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