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Cold Weather Compression Socks Men

€ 54,95 Incl. BTW

Comfortable, warming effect plus compression

Comfort and enhanced performance at low temperatures: The Cold Weather Socks by CEP Sportswear guarantee it – with their innovative combination of merino wool and compression. This fine natural fiber offers warmth and dry comfort while the compression activates your muscles. This gives you a boost of energy so you can reach your goals in the cold months of the year.

Cozy comfort on cold days thanks to merino wool

Merino wool is a very special material: This fine natural fiber has excellent insulating properties and is able to wick moisture away from your skin quickly. But we’ve made the whole thing even better by adding high-quality synthetics to increase the stability and elasticity of the fabric. The result is premium compression socks that fit like a glove and keep your feet warm and dry. Who says comfort and intense training don’t mix?

Activating compression for greater endurance and faster recovery

Want greater endurance and faster recovery after training or competition? No problem – thanks to the medi compression in these Cold Weather Socks. Its secret is improved circulation, which in turn accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products and gets valuable nutrients to your muscles quicker. You feel the beneficial effects immediately in the form of lighter legs and more energy.

Run safer with stabilized joints and enhanced proprioception

Injuries from twists and sprains and the associated interruptions to training are a runner’s worst nightmare. You can reduce this risk with these compression socks: The gentle compression of the close-fitting fabric stabilizes your joints with a deep sensory effect. It also increases your proprioception, which helps you run smoother with greater accuracy and control.

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