COMPRESSPORT Racing Overshort M overshort heren | SHTRO
€ 47,95
Levering 2-3 Werkdagen

This specific racing over-short, made in a water-repellent fabric, is not heavy, does not retain moisture and does not warm more than necessary. Ultra-light at only 40 grams, it is very pleasant to wear and an energy pocket helps store bars, gels and keys.

This 100% efficient and indestructible over-short offers no superfluous details. It is so ultra-light, that when worn, you won`t even notice it.

Hydrophobic fabric
Does not retain water and dries quickly.

One layer of fabric - without any hem
Allows freedom of movement and no friction.

V-shape belt
Ergonomic and does not add pressure on the abdomen, but supports it.
Fitted with a front pocket that can store keys, bars and gels.

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