COMPRESSPORT Pro R2 Swiss compressie sleeves | PRCR2
€ 45,00
Levering 2-3 Werkdagen

explosive efforts and fantastic recovery

Most suited for prolonged dynamic exercises, it delays muscle fatigue, reduces pain, prevents stiffness, cramps and muscle injuries. It is the ultimate calf sleeve you should have in your sports bag while you go for the extra mile!

Easy and fast to put on, stretchable and comfortable, the Pro R2 is ideal for explosive efforts and fantastic recovery. Calves remain cool and rested and are never restricted nor squeezed!



  • Made in a revolutionary techno-fibre, it helps thermal energy normally produced by our body to circulate in and out. Blood micro-circulation is thus improved and performance and strength enhanced

  • Light-weighted at 11g only, it does not retain water and dries fast.

  • It does not pressurize the lower part of the ankle, thanks to its one-layer finishing

  • Risks of injuries are minimised while the PRO Swiss focuses on your joint care monitoring.

  • More effective venous return is achieved, thus reducing toxins while muscles keep on oxygenating during effort.

  • Your body temperature keeps on regulating during the effort thanks to the techno-fibre.

  • After effort, continuous effective venous return fastens recovery.

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