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Apex 2

€ 479,00 Incl. BTW

Sports watch made to suit all your needs

Designed for performance on all types of terrain, the COROS Apex 2's revolutionary technologies allow you to achieve your most ambitious goals. Its more durable exterior, redesigned GPS antenna, improved navigation experience, optical heart rate sensor and longer GPS battery life will make it your best friend. Get ready to train smarter and go longer.

An even better battery

The new design of the latest satellite signal has lower power consumption, this gives us a longer GPS battery life compared to the original Apex. The APEX 2 offers 45 hours of full GPS battery life. Moreover, it takes less than 2 hours for the watch to go from zero to fully charged. 

Heart rate measurement on the wrist

The more accurate your heart rate data, the better the insight into your workout. The brand new optical heart rate sensor on the wrist features a 5-LED system with 4 photo detectors in a custom layout, protected by a smooth, scratch-resistant case. With advanced signal noise removal algorithms, the Apex 2 delivers a new level of heart rate accuracy. It also incorporates an optical pulse oximeter as well as a sensor for electrocardiograms.


The intuitive navigation system makes it easy to adventure in unfamiliar terrain. The free worldwide offline landscape and topographical maps give you access to critical navigation information in the most remote locations. The digital dial allows you to easily zoom in and out of your map, while the touchscreen lets you drag the map with your finger.

All 5 GPS signals are available

Together with the 50% better-performing antenna and All-Satellite GNSS chipset, the APEX 2 receives signals from all five major satellite systems for the most accurate data.

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