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Heartbeat Compression Socks Men

€ 29,00 € 54,95 Incl. BTW

Compression socks with a fresh design

Find your flow when you go the distance: Running is a breeze when your heartbeat, breathing and steps are in sync! The new Heartbeat Socks give you the support you need: They activate your muscles and enhance your performance. They also boast optimum heat and moisture management so you can stay completely focused on your run – and get your runner’s high.

More power, faster recovery – thanks to the compression effect

The more you push your limits, the greater the lactate accumulation in your muscles. This is where the activating, circulation-enhancing effect of the women’s compression socks kicks in: It accelerates the removal of metabolic waste products and increases the supply of important nutrients. This gives you lighter legs, which ultimately enhances your performance. Plus you recover faster – and the process already starts while you run.

Greater stability, more energy and reduced risk of injury

Your calf muscles vibrate when you run. The Heartbeat Socks for women minimize this with compression for a shock-absorbing effect. You use less energy and stay fit longer with more power every step of the way. But that’s not all. The compression profile provides deep sensory stimulation to stabilize your joints and help prevent injuries.

Thermal balance for running comfort in any weather

Don’t let the heat or cold stop you from training: The Smart dry extreme air technology provides optimum heat and moisture management. Specially constructed yarns guarantee that the women’s compression socks deliver the necessary cooling or warming effect while the skin-tight, non-slip fit prevents chafing and blisters.


The Heartbeat Socks combine innovative technology, superior comfort and a cool look. Order the new model from the CEP design collection now online!

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